Frequently Asked Questions

Who is iPay?

IPAY is the trading name of Transcash International Pty. Ltd. registered as an Independent Remittance Dealer and Remittance Network Provider with Austrac. It is authorised and regulated as an Australian Financial Services License Holder (AFSL 401180) by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

IPAY offers faster, easier and cost effective money transfer services .

What countries can I transfer money to and from?

IPay currently supports transfers from Australia & Hong Kong to India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, UAE, & UK.

What are iPay fees?

When you set-up transaction, on the transfer receipt you can see the FX Rate, IPay Service fee & the amount received by beneficiary.

How do I create a transfer with iPay?

Login to your account submit a transfer request. The platform will walk you through the process. If you have any enquiries please click here to contact our Customer Services Team via email.

Is it safe to send money with iPay?

IPay holds your money in accordance with Australian client money rules, your money is held in a segregated client money account. Your money is held separately from IPay operating money.

Do you have step by step guide on how to transfer money?

Please click here to check step by step guide on how to transfer the money with IPay.

I want to fund my transaction with a credit card, is that possible?

No.we accept deposits through POLi Payment only.

Do I need to contact iPay when I make a payment?

No, you can submit a transfer through our online portal. Please ensure you receive a transfer and a completed transfer confirmation through the online portal and via email. You can contact our customer service team in case you are unable to view this information.

Can I send money through somebody else's bank account?

No, we don’t accept third party payments.

Can I send money through somebody's joint bank account?

Yes, as long as your name reflects as one of the account holders.

Why do you need my identity verification?

IPay is required to verify the identity of all our clients as per regulation.

How long will it take to send my transfer through iPay?

Our processing time for a transaction generally takes 1 business day from the time we receive your funds for the transaction.

How long until the recipient receives my transfer from iPay?

Once the transfer is sent by IPay, it depends on the receiving bank processing time.

How do I cancel my transfer with iPay?

One can contact our Client Services Team via email, chat or call. Please note, once the funds have been transferred to the beneficiary, the transaction cannot be canceled.

What is the minimum I can transfer with iPay?

The minimum transfer is AUD 50.

What is the maximum I can transfer with iPay?

The maximum transfer is AUD 5000.

Can I deposit cash into iPay's bank account?

No, we don’t accept cash under any circumstances.

What happens if my payment is rejected?

You will receive an email with the details about your rejected transfer.

I made an error in my payment details. Can this be corrected?

You can Contact our Client Services Team via email, chat or call for any issues you face.

I What are SWIFT, ABA & IBAN Numbers and SORT codes?

  • SWIFT Code: is a unique identification code for financial and non-financial institutions
  • ABA Code: A routing code used in the United States to identify the financial institution in which it was drawn
  • IBAN Number: An international system of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate the communication and processing of cross border transactions
  • Sort Codes: The code the British and Irish banking industry use to identify banks when routing money transfers
  • BSB Code: Bank State Branch (BSB) code used in Australia to identify a bank’s bran