Our values define who we are and what we stand for as a Money Transfer Company.

Living these values is at the center of what we do, and will be demonstrated every day in our interactions with subscribers, society and global community.

We are absolutely committed to ethics, honesty and credibility. The employees and partners will promote trust, so that our subscribers are confident that their transfers are fast, secure and reliable.

We partner with employees, network partners, vendors whose support is critical to our business excellence. These partnerships enable us to better understand our subscribers’ desire in order to continuously innovate and deliver services that exceed their expectations. We develop our people through challenges converted to new opportunities. We recognize and reward exceptional performers. As a global corporate citizen, we embrace diversity and varied perspectives. We have inclusive work environment where our people share a dream to be the best.

Though global Money transfer market offer unique business opportunity but again the cost of establishment of network across the region is big challenge itself. The one of the main objective of the company is to provide platform to our partners without compromising on cost, compliances and service deliverance.

We insist on our commitment that human make the business, whether they are our employees, subscribers or partners. We respect the need of our people to connect to their families and society to maintain highest level of motivation. We are passionate about what we do as a team, doing the right thing for the people and feel honored to enable our subscribers to achieve their dreams.

Innovation, acceptance and practice of newer technology is at the heart of all of our members. We are open-minded about the positive changes that technologies can bring to our operations as well as the societies that we work in.